SEPTEMBER 15, 2019

THIS WEEK’S SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSONS—SEPTEMBER 15: The Fall and a Promise. The slithery serpent caused Eve to doubt God’s Word with one simple question: “Did God actually say . . .?” (Genesis 3:1). Seeking to gain wisdom, Eve and Adam rebel against their Creator. Suddenly aware of their condition before God, they vainly attempt to hide their sinful exposure. With sin comes punishment that is just; yet our heavenly Father does not leave humankind without hope. Instead, He promises One who will come to rescue His people from the jaws of death and Satan. As a family, discuss the importance of God’s promise of the Savior.

WASHINGTON SCHOOL'S PROJECT READS PROGRAM NEEDS VOLUNTEERS this school year. This is a one-on-one, tutor/student, reading time once a week for one hour after school. A director from Project Reads leads the time and supplies the reading material. The program will begin the last week of September. It is a very rewarding time to get to know the children and be a part of their learning experience. If you are interested, please call Diane Witzenman at 249-1307.

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