"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God..."

- Ephesians 2:8

Congregational Goal for Caregiving Ministry

We seek out those in need and respond with the healing love of Christ.

Caregiving Ministry Purpose Statement

We exist to follow Christ’s example by seeking out and identifying needs of those in our church and community, responding with non-judgmental assistance and support.

Caregiving Impact Ministries: GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

Christmas Giving Ministry
We provide gifts and food at Christmas to families referred by Lutheran Social Services and Emmanuel’s pastoral staff.

Objectives: The Christmas Giving Ministry Action Team will…
1. Request a listing of families from Lutheran Social Services and Emmanuel staff by October 9, 2015.
2. Publicize and set dates to acquire, wrap and distribute gifts and food by the publication of the 2015 November newsletter.
3. Obtain food in coordination with Food Bank action team.
4. Plan and implement gift gathering from Emmanuel members.

Crisis Fund (Ranke)
We make emergency money from the Ranke Fund available to the pastoral staff for those who have financial need due to a crisis situation.

Objectives: The Crisis Fund Manager will...

  1.  Deposit quarterly interest from the Lutheran Church Extension Fund and Public Service Credit Union into the   Emmanuel Ranke Fund checking account.
  2.  Provide a monthly balance report to the church council prior to the monthly meeting.
  3.  Write checks for crisis needs when requested by the staff.
  4.  Maintain Crisis Fund request forms and checking account.

Cup of Kindness
We collect weekly donations for Lutheran Social Services’ emergency fund.

Objectives: The Cup of Kindness Action Team will...

  1. Annually provide a roster of monthly collectors to the team members and church secretary.
  2. Publicize Cup of Kindness at least four times a year.
  3. Properly orient collectors.
  4. Provide appropriate numbers of delegates to represent Emmanuel to Lutheran Social Services and provide reimbursement for the annual dinner.

Food Bank
Through congregational donations and the Community Harvest Food Bank, we maintain a food bank to assist our members and the 46802 zip code community in time of need.

Objectives: The Food Bank Action Team will...

  1. Provide reports to Community Harvest Food Bank (CHFB) when requested.
  2. Meet annually with CHFB representative if requested.
  3. Shop for food at CHFB as necessary (including Christmas Giving Ministry needs).
  4. Maintain a well-stocked food bank.
  5. Publicize needs of the food bank.
  6. Schedule and publicize hours and dates of monthly food pantry.
  7. Staff food pantry.
  8. Provide samples, the recipes and the ingredients for nutritional food choices monthly when possible.
  9. Provide emergency staples to needy persons as appropriate.

Grief Support
We support the emotional, physical and social needs of the bereaved.

Objectives: The Grief Support Action Team will...

  1. Maintain a bereavement database.
  2. Refer the widowed to a monthly social meeting.
  3. Present Christmas Poinsettias to members who have lost a parent, spouse or child in the past year.
  4. Refer all who have experienced a loss to the Stephen Ministry Leadership Team.
  5. Send bereavement cards to the widowed on appropriate dates during the first year following the death.

Health Maintenance
We offer preventative health maintenance through education, health screenings and referral.

Objectives: The Health Maintenance Action Team will...

  1. Provide an ongoing training program with guidelines for nurses involved in the assessment and referral process.
  2. Schedule a nurse to take blood pressures and assist with medical questions one Sunday a month between services, one Wednesday a month from 9-11:30 AM and during Food Pantry hours.
  3. Publicize community health education opportunities when offered.
  4. Continue providing health related resource materials especially during Food Pantry hours.
  5. Maintain AED and train staff and volunteers as needed.
  6. Catalogue and maintain our supply of assistive devices for loan and keep a record of all such loans.
  7. Provide home assessments for the safety of members with mobility issues.

Lutheran Life Villages Auxiliary
We act as liaison between Emmanuel Lutheran Church and the Fort Wayne Lutheran Life Villages Auxiliary and Volunteer Services Department.

Objectives: The Lutheran Life Villages Auxiliary Action Team will…

  1. Attend monthly meetings.
  2. Provide birthday cakes as scheduled by the auxiliary.
  3. Provide Sunday Chapel service escorts for the Special Care residents, as scheduled by the auxiliary.
  4. Provide prizes to be used for recreational games.
  5. Sell tickets for the annual card party, chicken barbecue, etc.
  6. Assist with the annual Garage Sale.
  7. Provide other items or volunteers as requested by the Auxiliary.

Meals Ministry
We provide meals at home, upon staff referral, to members experiencing crisis.

Objectives: The Meals Ministry Action Team will...

  1. Establish a list of volunteers by October 1, 2015.
  2. Coordinate meals for families referred by the staff.

Military and Shut-In Support Ministry
We provide correspondence and other resources to our shut-ins and military personnel. We also deliver Community Harvest Senior Packs as needed.

Objectives: The Military and Shut-in Support Ministry Action Team will...

  1. Establish card ministers to send Birthday, holiday and monthly correspondence to shut-ins.
  2. Identify military personnel and send appropriate correspondence.
  3. Identify seniors who qualify for Senior Packs, establish a team and deliver groceries every two weeks.
  4. Assist elderly West Central neighbors with errands when possible.

Prayer Chain
By request we pray for the needs of people and communicate those prayer requests to others who will pray for those needs.

Objectives: The Prayer Chain Action Team will...

  1. Update the list of prayer chain members by October 1, 2015.
  2. Train new prayer chain members.
  3. Review guidelines for all prayer chain members annually.
  4. Publicize the contact information of prayer chain leaders monthly.
  5. Information related to the prayer chain will remain confidential unless otherwise requested.

Recording Ministry
We provide shut-ins and others with audio recordings of our worship services.

Objectives: The Recording Ministry Action Team will…

  1. Produce sufficient CD copies of each service (a number to be determined by the staff) within two days of the service.
  2. Prepare weekly copies for mailing or delivery.
  3. Provide bulletins, parish notes and copies of the sermon if requested.

Special Event Ministry
We prepare refreshments/meals for special events at Emmanuel.

Objectives: The Special Event Ministry Action Team will...

  1. Update the list of volunteers by October 1, 2015.
  2. Prepare refreshments/meals for special events referred by staff and hosted by Emmanuel.
    1. Funeral dinners
    2. Lenten dinners
    3. Congregational and pastoral dinners
    4. Senior dinner

Stephen Ministry
Trained Stephen Ministers provide caring, Christian support for people in crisis.

Objectives for Stephen Ministry are determined by the Stephen Ministry Leadership Team.

Thrivent Connection
We serve as a liaison between our members and Thrivent Financial’s fraternal organization to communicate eligible benevolent financial and/or volunteer assistance for individuals, families or groups with special needs or projects.

Objectives: The Thrivent Connection Action Team will…

  1. Appoint eight Thrivent members to serve as Congregational Advocates and register their names with Thrivent in Appleton, Wisconsin.
  2. Maintain contact with the pastoral staff and ministry teams in order to become apprised of any needs that might be met.
  3. Choose six volunteers from six Thrivent households to form a service team to plan and carry out each fund raising project or special service project.
  4. Maintain contact with Thrivent Financial in order to remain current regarding assistance and programs for which we are eligible.

Impact Ministries and Leaders
Caregiving Ministry Deacons: Phyllis Tittman and Catherine Peterson
Caregiving Ministry Staff Representative: Lana Hille (432-1369)

Christmas Giving Catherine Peterson
Crisis Fund (Ranke) Fritzy Ober
Cup of Kindness Bev Ober
Food Bank Carolyn Beitz
Sandy Bickhart
Dick Shively
Grief Support Marcille Burtch
Health Maintenance Carolyn Beitz
Bev Payne
Lutheran Life Villages Auxiliary Dorothy Williams
Judy Kalb
Meals Kathy Lash
Military and Shut-In Support Shirley Kern
Prayer Chain Darlene Lankenau
Special Events: Funeral Dinners
Congregational Dinners
Lenten Dinners
Barb Klaehn
Tammy Stauffer
Tammy Stauffer
Stephen’s Ministry – Leadership Team Lana Hille
Jean Light
Pam Bryan
Joe Henderson
Phyllis Tittman
Susie Klausmeier
Beth Igney
Thrivent Connection Phyllis Tittman