"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God..."

- Ephesians 2:8

Congregational Goal of Worship Ministry
We provide opportunities for God’s love and forgiveness in Christ to be communicated to people of all ages through His Word and Sacraments, in a variety of worship forms.

Worship Ministry Purpose Statement
We provide a variety of worship opportunities in which we proclaim God’s Word, offer the sacraments, and encourage response to God’s love through confession, prayer, praise and worship.

Worship Impact Ministries: GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

Altar Guild
We prepare God’s house for worship services.

Objectives: The Altar Guild Action Team will…

  1. Prepare the altar area before services.
  2. Clean Communion ware and return them to their proper places after each service.
  3. Annually appoint a flower chairman to schedule flowers for the altar as they are needed.
  4. Annually appoint Easter and Thanksgiving flower committees.
  5. Annually elect officers to oversee the Altar Guild Ministry.

Banner Ministry
We enhance worship by providing appropriate seasonal banners.

Objectives: The Banner Ministry Action Team will…

  1. Oversee the development and construction of new banners to coordinate with worship and/or seasonal themes.
  2. Provide for the maintenance, inventory, and display of banners and decorations.

Children’s Messages
We provide age-appropriate messages for young children during our Sunday non-communion worship services.

Objectives: The Children’s Messages Action Team will…

  1. Schedule and train leaders for our Children’s Messages.
  2. Communicate schedule changes with the staff.

Decoration Ministry Team
We enhance worship by providing appropriate seasonal decorations.

Objectives: The Decoration Action Team will…

  1. Provide for the maintenance, inventory, and display of sanctuary decorations.
  2. Coordinate the festival and seasonal decorating.

Drama Ministry Team
We enhance worship services by providing opportunities for reading and dramatic presentations.

Objectives: The Drama Action Team will…

  1. Coordinate readings and dramatic presentations in cooperation with the Senior Pastor.
  2. Maintain a list of people interested and gifted in dramatic presentation and oral reading.
  3. Provide for appropriate preparation of those involved in dramatic presentations and oral readings.
  4. Collect and maintain a dramatic resource library.

Music Ministry Planning
We work with the Senior Pastor and Music staff to plan and evaluate the music for festival services and other special events.

Objectives: The Music Ministry Planning Action Team will…

  1. Meet quarterly for the purpose of planning the upcoming season of the church year.
  2. Meet following each festival service for the purpose of evaluation.
  3. Annually compile and maintain a list of members with musical abilities.
  4. Annually produce a brochure describing Emmanuel’s music ministry opportunities.

Wedding Facilitator
We assist the pastoral staff in coordinating wedding details to ensure an orderly wedding ceremony.

Objectives: The Wedding Facilitator will…

  1. Consult with the engaged couple at least once prior to the wedding.
  2. Direct weddings in accordance with the stated guidelines.
  3. Maintain the “wedding emergency box” to assist the wedding party on the day of the wedding.

Worship Music
We provide musical leadership for Emmanuel’s corporate worship.

Worship Support Team
We provide support people to ensure orderly and inviting worship services.

Objectives: The Worship Support Action Team will…

  1. Provide opportunities for people to assist in worship services in the following ways:
    1. Acolytes: Schedule and train the Youth in the 7th and 8th grades responsible for lighting and extinguishing candles for worship.
    2. Communion Assistants: Schedule and train men responsible for assisting in the distribution of Communion.
    3. Greeters: Schedule Discipleship greeters for welcoming people to worship services and special events.
    4. Nursery Attendants: Schedule and train those responsible for childcare during worship services for children through age three.
    5. Processional Assistants: Schedule and train high school to carry the processional cross, banners, and candles for festival services.
    6. Sound Technicians: Schedule and train those responsible for the set-up of sound equipment, sound checks, running the sound board for services, and recording worship services and special events.
    7. Ushers: Schedule and train ushers for the purpose of seating people, distributing bulletins, collecting offerings, directing communion traffic and counting church and communion attendance.
    8. Valets: Schedule and train valets for the purpose of providing curb service at the Ebenezer Hall entrance, parking the cars and providing assistance for those with special mobility challenges.
  2. Actively recruit and train new support people throughout the year.

Worship Ministry Deacon: Allen Herbst (748-0634)
Stewardship Ministry Staff Representative: Pastor Thomas Eggold (423-1369)

Altar GUild Becki Elonzae
Banners Phyllis Tittman
Children's Messages Kristen Labahn
Decorations Charlie & Roxanne Pratt
Drama Ministry Team Chris Murphy
Music Ministry Planning Pastor Thomas Eggold
Wedding Facilitator Tammy Stauffer
Worship Advisory Leader Needed

Worship Music

  • Chancel Choir
  • ESM Choirs
  • NewSong Choir
  • Praise Team
  • Handbell Choir
  • Instrumental Ensembles

Chris Murphy

  • Craig Dahlkamp
  • Pastor Thomas Eggold
  • Craig Dahlkamp
  • Craig Dahlkamp
  • Cassie Didier
  • Craig Dahlkamp

 Worship Support

  • Acolytes
  • Baptism Hostesses
  • Communion Assistant
  • Greeters
  • Procession Assistants
  • Sound Technicians
  • Ushers (Sundays)
  • Ushers (Saturday)
  • Valets
  • JoAnn Wudy
  • Jean Light
  • Becki Elonzae
  • Shirley Kern
  • Vacant
  • Tom Anderson
  • Len Buuck
  • Tammy Stauffer
  • Lana Hille